Your paradise in Costa Rica

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Situated in a 20 Hectares domain on the Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, completly private, just for you, « Calamocha Lodge ” is a luxurious main house with 5 very charming private units that can accommodate groups up to 16 persons.

Calamocha is a Costa Rica luxury Lodge. Ideal to shoot a movie and/or for fashion shoots.
Perfect for holidays with your family and/or your friends.


CALAMOCHA Lodge virtual tour 360°

Calamocha Lodge in Costa Rica

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it Oscar Wilde

CALAMOCHA Lodge in Costa Rica… A dream land …

A hill, a tropical landscape, breathtaking views on the Pacific Ocean. All teak and in total harmony with nature,
Calamocha Lodge is a priceless haven overlooking the jungle, the ocean and a sweet and wild nature.

An artist can draw in the shapes and colors of this landscape to fill his imagination.

In a harmonious landscape at the edge of the divine, the monkeys shout, the birds sing, the winds caress you, drunk you : a magical, breathtaking scenery, Costa Rica rainforest plunges into the Pacific ocean.

The Costa Rican jungle calls you, impossible to resist to its attraction. Be seduced ; engulf yourself in the artist’s canvas and live fabulous and unforgettable moments.

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  • Casa de Los Mangos-Calamocha Lodge-Costa Rica
  • La Casita-Calamocha Lodge-Costa Rica
  • Rancho de la Piscina-Calamocha Lodge-Costa Rica
  • Casa Blanca-Calamocha Lodge-Costa Rica
  • Surf au Costa Rica
  • Spa-Massage au Calamocha Lodge
  • Pêche sportive au Costa Rica

Calamocha Lodge’s location - Nicoya peninsula - COSTA RICA

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