Your paradise in Costa Rica

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Life in Calamocha Lodge - Costa Rica

Accommodation for 16 people maximum, where everyone finds his happiness and guard his privacy.

CALAMOCHA Lodge in Costa Rica… 5 private structures, each with its own character and independence.

casa-zen-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vignetteCasa Zen

The main house : Casa Zen is the heart of the lodge.

A private house on two levels.

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casita-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vigetteLa Casita

10 meters from Casa Grande is La Casita :

bungalow nestled in the vegetation.

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rancho-de-la-piscina-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vignetteLe Rancho De La Piscine

80 meters of Casa Grande

The Rancho pool.

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casa-de-los-mangos-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vignetteCasa De Los Mangos

Surrounded by 80 mango trees,

Casa de Los Mangos is located 50 meters from Rancho pool.

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casa-blanca-vignetteLa Casa Blanca

At 25 meters from Casa Grande is La Casa Blanca :

Kids and/or adolescents’home

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