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The Rancho de la Piscina Calamocha is at 80 meters from Casa Grande

((a space apart…)


Welcome to Rancho de la Piscina in Calamocha Lodge.

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The Rancho de la Piscina, is at 80 meters from Casa Grande, it is a separate space, located in a small valley, spacious and welcoming you will find a sitting area swept by a gentle breeze and a library (books, guides on Costa Rica, magazines, etc.). it is a privileged space, organize your walks and excursions while you relax in it.

Enjoy a fruit juice in the infinity pool, cook your favorite dishes and enjoy the shady deck and before you fall in the arms of Morpeus, take a shower outside (outside bathroom).
Sun loungers, parasols and pool towels are at your disposal.

At sunset watche the parrots, listen to howler monkeys, the scenery is guaranteed.

Photos of Rancho De La Piscina - Calamocha Lodge

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casa-zen-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vignetteCasa Zen

The main house : Casa Zen is the heart of the lodge.

A private house on two levels.

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casita-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vigetteLa Casita

10 meters from Casa Grande is La Casita :

bungalow nestled in the vegetation.

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casa-de-los-mangos-calamocha-lodge-costa-rica-vignetteCasa De Los Mangos

Surrounded by 80 mango trees,

Casa de Los Mangos is located 50 meters from Rancho pool.

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casa-blanca-vignetteLa Casa Blanca

At 25 meters from Casa Grande is La Casa Blanca :

Kids and/or adolescents’home

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